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About us 

PUB G Hub  is a Pubg tournament app by Ksolutions  for the pub g lovers. Here you can see your progress and skill improvement, and Earn money with your Squad .

Join the PUB G Hub League! Daily , a league tournament takes place on a private app (in solo, duo or squad mode). SIX  matches are Conducted Daily . Any mistake can deprive you of a chance to win. So be extra vigilant with every step of your escape from the blue zone. Tournament rules and scores apply, wins the best!

If you do not like the stress associated with traditional tournaments or simply do not have time for it, you will certainly be interested in our varied, periodically organized miniatures. Choose the scenario in which you feel best and earn money  in a certain time period. Play as you like and whenever you feel like it, on PUB G Hub, and we'll do the rest. A bit of luck will be useful here, as well as the connection of skill with patience.